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ANC30002 - Athenian Army 450BC-275BC


Athens at one time headed one of the largest and most powerful leagues in the Greek world, an empire in all but name. Ten elected generals, the strategoi, headed her army. Athenian armies were often composed largely of mercenaries, citizen-soldiers forming only a small proportion of the force. Athens had the most powerful navy in the Greek world, and many of her citizens crewed ships rather than fighting on land.

Contents: 4 Command (General, Officer & Musicians), 32 Hoplites (Heavy Infantry), 4 Peltasts (Loose Order Infantry), 3 Cavalry, 2 Light Cavalry, 2 Psiloi (Skirmishers).

Please note, box does not include spears (available separately: ANC20065-50mm Wire Spears with Leaf shaped points).

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