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Xyston Newsletter #34


It was long time till last newsletter, and we have a lot news for you, Marian Romans, new packaging and some WIP of up-coming Early Achaemenid Persians.

So let's crack on!

Marian Romans

The long-awaited Romans, for this month we prepared two packs of them:


ANC20316 - Marius' Mules


ANC20317 - Casualties

New packaging

The quality of our products is always important to us. Because of this, we decide to up-grade our trade packing. From now onwards, most of Xyston Miniatures available thru shops will be pack in nice small blister.

Our mail orders will be still send in plastic bags, to keep shipping cost for customers as low as possible.


New Xyston Miniatures blisters - check your FLGS

On our workbench (aka "Design Studio"

For those who follow us on our Facebook page, you probably know we just started some work on new Early Achaemenid Persians range. The head sculptor for this line will be John Robertson. We are aiming to release first packs later this year. Below you can see a few samples of up-coming miniatures:


Immortal Sparabara


Kushite archer


Pisidian warrior

What's next?

For the next month we are preparing another two packs of premium quality 15mm figures, and a nice surprise for all our newsletter subscribers.

That's all for this month, more nice stuff coming soon!

Cheers Sebastian

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