Junkers 101
If you’re collecting a Junkers force for Void 1.1, you’re going to need plenty of Convict Legionaries.  The plastic Junker sprue is a good, inexpensive way to build your force, but it only has two basic leg options for posing your models.  And they are both very similar.  Not a great prospect when it comes to painting them all up.  Also, they look different to the metal models, which can make support models look somewhat out of place.

So, I set about addressing these issues, armed with a plastic Junkers sprue and equipment that should be easy enough to get hold of, without recourse to specialist modelling/craft shops.  And this is the result....
For the first few stages, you will need: a plastic Junkers sprue, a pair of side cutters (pound shops or DIY shops will be able to provide a perfectly servicable pair of cutters if you don’t already own some), a sharp knife (you could use a box cutter, but things may get a bit fiddly for the larger blade), and a cutting mat (If you don’t have a cutting mat, you could try turning a cork-bottomed coaster/placemat upside down and using that as a cutting mat).  Not pictured: a bottle of superglue or polystyrene cement.  Also, if you have a needle file handy, it could be very useful when cleaning the model, but you can get by without one in this case.