33410 - Urban War Triad Strike Team


The Triads are steeped in the ancient traditions of their ancestors. Clan loyalty, respect for ones superiors, disregard for personal danger, and dedication to the martial arts are some of the defining qualities of Triad life,that and the pursuit of profit by criminal means. Their criminal underworld operates almost in parallel with the rest of the population, only impinging on it when in the process of some illegal activity.

There are many Triad gangs or 'families', and their rivalry is bitter. The resulting feuds can last for years or decades. In truth, they are united only in their contempt of outsiders.

This set provides you with a basic starter team that will give you a feel for this faction's play style. Whether you're a newcomer to the hobby or a veteran wanting to try out a new game or faction, this is an ideal starting point.

Urban War Triad Strike Team boxed set of 7 metal models including leader, Kabuki Doll, and Sumatori.

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