New releases - April 2019

Hi Folks!

The spring is in full swing, but we don't slow down here at Scotia! We have prepared another portion of our 1/300 scale landing and assault crafts.

So let's crack on!

Ship to shore - 1/300 scale landing and assault craft

This month we expand our superb Ship To Shore range with five new pack packs.

STS80 - Modern Norway/NATO CB90 class fast assault boat
Used by various NATO nations, introduced in 1990 with a capacity for 21 troops. Different small arms fitted.

STS81 WWII Japanese suicide motorboat Shin'yō - "Sea Quake"
Thousands of these were produced from 1944 onwards and were used towards the end of the war.

STS82 Type D WWII Japanese 13 meter barge

STS83 Gross Flossack 34 large rubber raft

STS84 LVT Mk4 - waterline

That's all for this month, more nice stuff coming soon!


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